London Fatwa Council is a non-profit, voluntary organisation, established by Shaykh Mohammad Yazdani Raza (Misbahi) in 2009. The Council offers legal advice and counselling in accordance with Islamic law. It acts as a voice for women silenced by violent, abusive and forced marriages; empowering them to achieve freedom and justice from their oppressive situations.

Furthermore, as a recognised, decision making authority for the Muslim community, the Council offers advice on issues that affect their daily lives. Our advisory panel, made up of prominent Islamic Jurists deal with a wide range of cases undertaken by the Council.

London Fatwa Council is continuing to build on its interfaith work, by fostering and encouraging dialogue and cohesion within the diverse London Borough of Barnet and the wider community. It has fast become a prominent think-tank through its deep collaboration and engagement with all sectors of society, ranging from local businesses, schools and organisations to the Home Office, for which London Fatwa Council is a regular point of contact.

Chairman Shaykh Mohammad Yazdani Raza (Misbahi), London

Chairman Shaykh Mohammad Yazdani Raza (Misbahi)

Shaykh Mohammad Yazdani Raza (Misbahi) is a Hanafi Jurist, who received primary education in the sciences of Islam, under the supervision of his father, the noble Shaykh Mohammad Ismail (Misbahi). Having undergone a solid foundation, the Shaykh was then enrolled at Jamia Al-Karam in Milton Keynes, to study under the tutelage of Shaykh Mohammad Imdad Hussain Pirzada and Shaykh Mohammad Abdul Bari. At Jamia Al-Karam, he received a wealth of sacred and orthodox knowledge. The respected Shaykh continued his studies at one of the most widely recognised and well respected institutions of sacred knowledge in India, Al Jamiatul Ashrafia of Mubarakpur.

The respected Shaykh has also studied at the oldest and most widely recognised Jamia in the Muslim world, Jamiatul Azhar, in Cairo. Whilst in Egypt he also studied at the Alexandria University, in Alexandria. Shaykh has a BA (Hons) in Middle Eastern Studies from The University of Manchester, and studied MA Islamic Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies, London and later completed the PGDL/CPE in Law, from the Manchester Metropolitan University.

Shaykh Mohammad Yazdani Raza has held the position of Imam at various mosques in the UK. The respected Shaykh had a regular slot on the Islam Channel for a number of years and continues to work strenuously amongst both the Muslim and other faith communities.

The respected Shaykh is involved in various Home Office initiatives, as well as playing an advisory role on topical and pertinent issues, for a number of prominent think-tanks in the UK. He has lectured both in the UK and abroad, including much of Europe, Syria, Egypt, Dubai, Bahrain, Malaysia, India, Sudan, Morocco, and various states in America and South America, amongst others.

Advisory Panel

All member of the LFC advisory panel, are prominent Islamic Jurists


Imam Mohammad Shahid Raza OBE, London

Imam Shahid came to the UK in 1977. He completed his BSc in Chemistry and Biology as well as an MA in Islamic Studies. At present, Imam Shahid is the Head Imam at Leicester Central Mosque and Chairman of MINAB (Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board). He is also the Registrar at the Muslim Law (Shari’a) Council UK; the Director of Imams and Mosques Councils UK; the Head of the Department of Imams Training and InterFaith Relations at the Muslim College, London; the President of the World Islamic Mission (Europe) and Founder Member (Trustee) of the British Muslim Forum.

In 2008 he was recognised in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours list by being awarded with an OBE for his services to the Muslim community. He is the first Imam in the United Kingdom to be awarded with an OBE

Shaykh Mohammad Ismail (Misbahi), Rochdale

Shaykh Mohammad Ismail (Misbahi) is one of the foremost senior Imams of the UK, who arrived in the early 1970s, commissioned by Muhadith of Moradabad, Hafiz-e-Millat, for his missionary work in the UK. A scholar with deep insight and understanding of the Islamic Sciences. He founded the ‘Urdu Centre Misbahul Uloom’, Rochdale in 1983.

Mufti Sharafuddin, Milton Keynes

Mufti Mohammed Sharfuddin Ashrafi is one of the senior scholars in UK who is, Chief Scholar Islamic Shariah Board UK. He has undergone a doctorate in Islamic Jurisprudence and Fatwa, from the University of Nizamia Pakistan. The Shaykh has a Masters in Islamic Hadith Sciences from, Jamia Shamsul Uloom Pakistan. He is the Grand Imam of Central Mosque in Milton Keynes and President of Mahkamah Council of Jurists for Islamic Finance.

Mufti Qazi Hassan Raza, Bradford

Mufti Qazi Hassan Raza is a prominent scholar. He is highly qualified in various Islamic sciences. He established Al Markaz Ul-Islami, in Bradford.


Mufti Nizamuddin, Jamiatul Ashrafia, India

Mufti Nizamuddin is the head of the ‘Darul Ifta’ (Department of Verdict) in the leading Islamic ‘Darul Uloom’ of India, Al Jamiatul Ashrafia which is situated in Mubarakpur, UP. He is renowned for his in-depth research and verdicts on current and contemporary issues facing the Muslim community.

Mufti Mirajul Qadri, Jamiatul Ashrafia, India

Mufti Mirajul Qadri is a senior member of the ‘Darul Ifta’ (Department of Verdict)  in the leading Islamic ‘Darul Uloom’ of India, Al Jamiatul Ashrafia which is situated in Mubarakpur, UP. He is renowned for his in-depth research and verdicts on current and contemporary issues facing the Muslim community.

Our legal partners

We seek to provide our clients with the best and most seamless service. For this reason we have joined forces with two reputable high street firms who can further support our clients in achieving their full legal rights.

Applying for a Civil Divorce (Decree Nisi/ Decree Absolute)

 London Fatwa Council can only issue an Islamic divorce. To apply for a Civil Divorce we recommend Ms. Nargis Awan of Awan Legal Associates who can help you seek your official legal divorce. Ms Awan specialises in a number of areas of law (Immigration law & Asylum and Human Rights law) and is on hand for her professional advice and representation.

To legalise your Islamic Wills

Once London Fatwa Council has prepared your Will, we recommend Mr Haroon Khan of Douglass Simon Solicitors to deal with any legal matters pertaining to it. Mr Khan specialises in a number of areas of law (Employment law and Immigration law & Nationality) and is on hand for his professional advice and representation.


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