UK Scholars United Against Terror

Published on: July 5, 2016


Shaykh Mohammad Yazdani and Shaykh Mohammad Ismail endorse the British Muslim Forums (BMF) religious decree on the prohibition of taking the law into one’s own hands. The Decree was supported by over a hundred prominent UK scholars and was wholly endorsed by London Fatwa Council. 

Shaykh Mohammad and London Fatwa Council have long since considered vigilante individuals and such organised groups to be unlawful, in both the fold of Islam and too British society. Therefore, the Council and its Scholars welcome this Decree and the unified stance of mainstream British Muslim scholars and Imams on this most pertinent issue.

Please find the BMF Guidance Note, Scholarly Clarity on the Prohibition of Taking the Law into One’s Own Hand’ here.

‘Scholarly Clarity on the Prohibition of Taking the Law into One’s Own Hand’ in Urdu can be found here.

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