Shaykh Mohammad & other UK interfaith leaders in Paris

Published on: November 7, 2016

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Respected Shaykh Mohammad Yazdani was joined by prominent interfaith leaders from the UK to pay their respects at Bataclan concert hall in Paris, a week ahead of the Paris attacks anniversary, paying tribute to the “victims of hatred and terrorism” and warning against a rise of Islamophobia.

Shaykh Mohammad and the group visited the residence of late Father Jacques Hamel, the Catholic priest in the parish of Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray murdered on the 26 July 2016. Father Jacques Hamel was murdered during the 2016 Normandy church attack, by two men pledging allegiance to Daesh.

The group also met colleagues of Father Jacques Hamel to stand in solidarity with them and to learn about how the local communities in Rouen responded to the horrific attack. The response to the tragic murder was love – French colleagues emphasised that the resilience of the communities was due to the relationships built over years with the Muslim community.

During the tour, the group also visited a local Mosque which refused to perform a funeral service for the attackers.

Coverage by Faiths ForumFox News and The Washington Post.

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