A hugely successful Awareness & Fundraising Dinner

Published on: May 14, 2017












On Wednesday (10th May 2017) night we held a joint awareness and fundraising dinner with the Muslim Women’s Network UK. The evening was a wonderful success with a full house at the Imperial Suite in Nawaabs, London.

The night began with poignant speeches and the sharing of case studies by Faeeza and Shaheena of MWNUK, around the taboo subject of forced marriage.This was followed by a vociferous address on the pertinent work of LFC and the empowering nature of its Ulema by Sophia, of London Fatwa Council.

Activist Naheed Mehdi so courageously spoke about her own experience of living in and then freeing herself from an abusive marriage and talked about the work she is now doing in women’s empowerment. Honourable Allama Dr Shahid Raza Naeemi OBE, Jurist (Qadhi) and Trustee of London Fatwa Council, had the room in silence as he shed the shariah perspective on marriage and reiterated that,

“the cancer of domestic violence and forced marriage has nothing to do with Islam”.

We were honoured to have many an esteemed scholar, community member and Dawn Butler MP, who shared a few kind words about her work with LFC and respected Shaykh Mohammad Yazdani.

The evening ended with a magnanimous fundraising effort from the duo extraordinaire; Shujah and Ashfaq, who raised a massive £55,000, Subhan Allah! Any more pledges are also very, very welcome!

A beautiful night, with a strong joint message that there is absolutely and unequivocally no place for force, abuse or violence in the sacred covenant of an Islamic marriage. Allah protect our sisters in need, Ameen.

May grant barakah and blessings in the lives of all the Ulema present, our esteemed guests and all our wonderful volunteers involved in this effort and who made it all happen, Ameen.

UK44tv covered the event here.

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